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How Much Do You Need?

This is a common question that we are happy to assist you with! A personal occasion as special as your wedding day is all about you and your guests. Take into consideration the number of people that are attending, the size of the reception, and what your budget is.


Full Bar Average (Based on 100 guests)

Beer 2 Cases
White Wine 1.5 Cases
Red Wine 1 Case
Champagne 1.5 Cases
Vodka 3 1.75L
Gin 2 1.75L
Scotch 2 1.75L
Bourbon 1 1.75L
Rum 1 1.75L
Tequila 1 1.75L

Over 50% of people spend 15+ hours a week planning their wedding. We want to give you time for what matters most.


Choosing A Brand

The truth is there is no right or wrong answer to this question. We have thousands of choices for you to choose from that fit anywhere in your budget. From well liquor to high end scotches, bourbons, and wines - we've got something for everyone.
On your special day, go beyond serving traditional cocktails by crating special drinks in relation to you and your significant other. Create your own recipe or let us help you put together something you won't forget by sending us a message through our Contact page.

Why Choose Us?

Campbell Station Wine & Spirits will not only provide you the best service, custom ordering and one on one help with your order, but we'll also be giving you the lowest price in town!

We are more than willing to work with you on a case by case basis to give you the best deal depending on the quantity you're looking for. Make your wedding day unforgettable with your friendly Farragut Liquor, Beer & Wine Store where it’s Always of Good Cheer!


Wedding Planning guide

Use these simple formulas to determine how much you will need for your wedding day. Feel free to show this to any of our friendly store personnel or schedule a meeting with one of our event planners to help guide you through the planning and purchasing process.

Number of guests ____________
Drinks Required per Guest
(*Based on length of party)
1 Hour = 2 Drinks
2 Hours = 3 Drinks
3 Hours = 4 Drinks
4 Hours = 5 Drinks
5 Hours = 6 Drink

Wine: ___________ Guests x ___________ Drinks x 0.5 ÷ 5 =___________ 750ml Bottles Needed
Beer: ___________ Guests x ___________ Drinks x 0.3 =___________12oz Servings of Beer Needed
Spirits: ___________ Guests x ___________ Drinks x 0.2 ÷ 15 =___________750ml Bottles Needed

If you do not anticipate serving mixed drinks at your event, then you should plan on 60% of your guests consuming wine and 40% beer.

Wine: ___________ Guests x ___________ Drinks x 0.6 ÷ 5=___________750ml Bottles Needed
Beer: ___________ Guests x ___________ Drinks x 0.4 =___________12oz Servings of Beer Needed

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